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We are very excited to be a dealer for a new line of planters for the 2019 season. Desert Planters is a line of self watering planters that will fit into any landscape design, whether it be a home or a business. The planters come in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

hydra stem picture

Each planter contains a water reservoir that has specially designed Hydra Stem and Filter technology that bring water up from below, keeping the reservoir free of debris. This technology allows the water to be drawn up into the soil, keeping an optimal soil moisture without over watering. The best part about this technology is that you only need to water once a week.

For more information: Hydra information sheet

If you have ever wondered how the city and other municipalities can have such beautiful planters? Well it is this technology and a constant feeding of nutrients. Simply mix your favorite Water-soluble fertilizer at half the usual rate then fill the reservoir with the solution to give your plants a constant feed. I would suggest using plain water every third watering to prevent the build up of nutrients.

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desert planters, equinox planters, jensen nursery

To ensure delivery by May 1, 2019 please have all orders in by March 15th. We will have a variety of styles available to purchase at the garden center. But there are so many styles and colors we can not carry everything. Do order early to ensure May delivery.

Contact Susan at [email protected] for further information.

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citadel desert planter by equinox, city of winnipeg planters, jensen nursery, equinox

Citadel Desert Planter

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Parkway Desert Planter

Terrace Desert Planter, Desert planters, equinox planters, winnipeg garden centres, jensen nursery

Terrace Desert Planter

desert planters, equinox planters, winnipeg garden centres, jensen nursery

Skyline Desert Planter