Monday, June 27, 2011

Tomatoes Love Calcium by Arlene Wheeler

I miss my tomato plants this year! At the apartment where I now live they are re-doing our balconies so this year I am Tomatoless!!! There is nothing like a home grown tomato, so I hope some of my gardening friends take pity on me.

Tomatoes are calcium lovers. Add calcium in the form of Bonemeal or Dolomite Lime to the soil as you are planting and then every few weeks throughout the growing season. Save your egg shells, crush them and then add them to the soil around your tomato plants. They take some time to break down but will also help keep away the cutworms. Don’t let your tomatoes dry out. The plants need sufficient moisture to uptake the calcium from the soil. The calcium and consistent watering will help prevent Blossom End Rot (the black end on the tomato). If you started your tomato plants early from seed and they have grown lanky before you have a chance to get them in the ground, remove some of the side stems and plant them deep. The seedlings can also be trenched as long as you leave about a three inch grow tip. As your plant grows, remove the suckers (the little stems that grow between the main stem and a side shoot). Once your tomato plant has set fruit, remove all the side stems underneath where it has set fruit. The plant no longer needs them and they will only take strength away from the plant and the fruit. In late August, cut the top of the tomato plant to allow all the strength to go into the plant and the fruit. You will get a much stronger plant and larger fruit! Enjoy!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost in the Petunias by Arlene Wheeler

If you drop into Jensen’s these evenings, you will find me cleaning up the beautiful hanging baskets we have left. I’m lost in the petunias and supertunias! Many baskets are still so beautiful and are ready to drop into a container or enjoy hanging in your favorite spot.

One of the secrets to keeping your annual flowers continually blooming is deadheading (removing the spent blooms). I am often approached by customers wanting to know what I am doing. I take a little pair of scissors and snip off the dead blooms, not just the petals. When you are removing the blooms from plants like petunias, supertunias and million bells, make sure you snip it right back to the stem to remove the seed head at the base of the flower. If you just remove the petals, the plant will soon be going to seed. Deadheading encourages more bloom!

The next thing you want to do is fertilize. I like to use an ultra bloom (high phosphorous or high middle number) water soluble fertilizer like 15-30-15 every week. I mix a half strength solution and fertilize every week right through until frost. Never fertilize when the plant is dry as it may burn the tips of the leaves, water the plant the day before you fertilize.

Try to water your gardens and containers in the morning to allow any water to dry before the end of the day. That way you won’t be encouraging any insects to collect under the leaves or any fungus to start forming during the cooler temperatures at night. Give your containers the finger test before watering to ensure you’re not over-watering. The first sign of over-watering is a yellowing of the leaves. If you follow these directions, you will have beautiful hanging baskets and containers right through until the snow flies!

Drop in to see us with any of your gardening problems and to pick up another beautiful hanging basket to enjoy. We have beautiful red and white supertunia baskets on sale for Canada Day!

*Arlene Wheeler is an experienced gardener and garden coordinator of theChildren’s Blue Box Program for Winnipeg Harvest. We are happy to have her working with us at Jensen Nursery!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gardening in busy times!

Well it is 9 pm sunday night. Most people are settled in for the night getting ready for the week. But when you are in the gardening business.........things work a little different! I thought I'd let you all dwell into a day in the life of a Jensen! I'm hoping my staff will all follow suit and do a blog about how it is to work at Jensen's!
I started my day off with a cup of coffee, a wish that I could stay where I was..... all snuggled up, and a drive across town to work. As usual I wasn't the first one there! After working 60 hour weeks for a while you tend to slow down! But once I get moving, watch out! Father's Day and Marathon day typically are a bit slow for us. Well apparently my website is working or something! Because after I decided I would fertilize every single basket and container pot...people started trailing in. So here I am in the middle of the greenhouse with about 150 baskets waiting for fertilizer on the ground! Nobody can get down the aisles, everyone wants help in a completely different area of the garden center! To sum it up CHAOS! So some how I fertilized every single annual basket and annual container, and put them back where they belong!

The rest of the day went fairly smooth! Because I was moving petunia baskets around I got all sticky and extremely dirty! So by the end of the day I looked like a mess! But believe it or not , sweat, dirt and all.........boy did I have fun!

So then, when it is time to go, what do I do? Sit down with my sister who I have not had time to talk with in days. So we catch up, on all the business matters we have not had time to deal with all week. Greenhouse talk, tree talk, watering system talk, how to deal with stress talk!etc. etc. etc! So then I go home..

 What do  I do then? Go out, cut my lawn, spray Killex for weeds, Round- Up in the area I want to turn into a patio for the swing and fire pit! Repot my flowers into a bigger ceramic pot adding torenia, and yellow sweet potatoe vine.

Finally  I crawl into my house...thank my daughter who has been busy cleaning my house for chore money. Spend some time catching up with my daughter, talking on the's off to bed I go! ...............

Off to bed I go! When I wake hopefully the sun is shining, the ferilizer kicked in, and all is happy! Tammy
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tree, Shrubs, and Perennials Galore!

Now that the sun is shining again, I bet alot of you are out in your yard today! Is there a spot that just needs something but you are not sure what? Check out our plant search engine tool! You can use it to find the perfect plant. Just click on the mature size of shrub you want, whether you want a plant for sun or shade, maybe that you want pink flowers in July, etc...... there is a whole page of options to choose from. Like magic it will tell you what plant or plants fill your requirements! Then you can look online at our shrub and tree price list,  or our perennial price list to find out the price on the plant! You can also email me at [email protected] and I can price it out for you! We can even deliver your trees for free in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. If you don't like to get your hands dirty! No problem we can plant it for you! I can include a planting price in my quote. If you drop by the garden center we have a computer now set up in the showroom for your use! We will be happy to show you how to use the plant search engine in you need assistance!! Thank you to Chelsey H for setting it up for me! I'm better with plants than electronics!

If you have not  been out to visit our garden center yet this season you may not know about our new 5 year warranty! We now offer an optional 5 year warranty on all shrubs and trees(except azaleas, rhododendrums, and blueberry's).We are able to offer it to you if you plant your plants using a great growth supplement called "Myke"! Check out more details on the 5 year warranty on their website - We do also offer our own one year warranty on perennials, shrubs, and trees at no charge!

Come by and check out our selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, and deluxe hanging baskets today!

Tammy Jensen

Karl hiding in the cedars!
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