Friday, November 25, 2011

Sue's First Blog - by Sue the Other Sister!

Well, I decided it was time. It’s only been a year since my dear sister, Tammy asked me to write a blog. With my track record I figure I’m right on schedule. I can hardly believe that it’s time to make the switch from Landscaping to selling Christmas trees.

We’ve been having a lot of fun finishing the last few jobs. The last two weeks have been working at the Youth for Christ Building at Main and Higgins. It absolutely amazes me that you can have so many trades people, trucks and equipment on one site and nobody hits anything. This particular site being down town was the dreaded site of the year. Due to the lack of parking, vehicle and people traffic I was picturing this site as a nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised that everything when extremely well. The trades people and site supervisors have been amazing. All the different trades have worked together with efficiency and grace. There was not a day where I felt we were hindering someone else’s job. Everyone seemed to work together making sure that they were not undoing each other’s work.

We even got a few surprises. Shortly after remarking that I seemed to have a horseshoe stuck in a particular part of my body. This was said because everything on site fell into place just perfectly. From the tree delivery, soil drop offs to the excavator John who helped us out. Mark and Scott actually dug up an old Horseshoe. It looks like it may be from the early to mid 1900’s. It will soon be hanging above our garage door with hopes that it will continue to bring us all more luck.

Well as we wrap up our landscaping season another time is upon us. Yes it is here!!!! I’ve been waiting for this all year. IT’S FINALLY HERE, IT’S FINALLY HERE. It’s time for me to go from the hardhat, safety vest wearing Landscape Girl to...... CRAFT GIRL. Yes that’s right CRAFT GIRL. Instead of thinking about tree planting, semi loads of soil and mountains of Cedar Bark. My head in filling with designs for Outdoor Containers, Center Pieces, and Wreaths, and of course Bow making. So please come by with your containers or ideas and let us help you add some beauty to your Christmas.

Or stop by and pick out the perfect Fresh Christmas Tree. We have an amazing selection of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble fir, Nordman Fir and some Manitoba Spruce. You can shop indoors, pick your tree and have us deliver it for free. ( within Winnipeg, Oak Bluff, Sanford or LaSalle )

Have a Happy Christmas Season!!!

Susan Jensen Stubbe
(The Other Sister)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ho Ho Ho - It's Time to Decorate for Christmas!

How on earth did it become the middle of November? I just realized yesterday that it is our Christmas Open House in 2 weeks, and I have not even made the invitations! Nothing like a little stress to get you moving!  There is so much going on at the garden center right now! We got our first shipment of native Manitoba Spruce yesterday. We have some great spruce tips that are over 6' and cost only $10.00! What a deal for a Christmas Tree! We have Manitoba Spruce ranging from 6' to 15' high. The prices range from $10.00 to $45.00! These Spruce are a great way to decorate your front yard. Just dig a hole in your front bed and  plant a Manitoba Spruce for the winter! The tips also look great in that empty urn or pot on your front step. Now is the time to put it in before the soil is frozen.They look great with some blue, red, or white lights on them. But hurry because at this price they will not last long! The rest of our Christmas Trees will be here before the weekend. We will have a variety including - Balsam, Fraser Fir, White Pine, Noble Fir, Canaan Fir and Nordman Fir. We also have a great assortment of evergreen boughs in. I just got my special ones in that are extra large for your  urns! I have 3 kinds of pine, Spruce, Cedar,Juniper and Fir!
For those who do not know we also deliver all of our Christmas Trees for free in the city of Winnipeg. All you need to do is come in and order your tree, tell us what day you want it, and we will show up at your door that day with a fresh cut, and bagged tree ready to enjoy! We even have great stands that 1 person can set up! They are so easy to use I can even set up my own tree which is amazing!
Oh and I almost forgot our Poinsettias will be here tomorrow as well! I can decorate on in silver or gold and cedar or pine if you want to give a really beautiful poinsettia for someone special this year! I have some mini's that I will sell decoated with a fancy pot for only $12.99! I will try and have a few predecorated for the weekend! You could also call and order and I will have it ready for you! Anyways I have to drink more coffee and get my self to work to decorate our showroom!

PS - One more note! I have some great quality holland tulips bulbs left. They are 75% OFF! You actually can still plant today if you want too! Once the ground freezes though it could be difficult! So come take these bulbs for me! (I want the space for more Christmas Decor!)

Deluxe Mini Poinsettia's - only $12.99 - order in silver, or gold!
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