Monday, October 31, 2011

Upcycling with Bill Dowie

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Recycling brought to a new level! Upcycling is the lastest garden trend!
For those who were lucky enough to attend our Up-Cycling seminar this September here is the promised PDF file!
If you would like to know more on Upcycling open our attachment and learn more! We will definitely be holding more seminars on Up-Cycling in the spring!
I am hoping to get seminars under way as early as March this year! If anyone has subjects that they would be interested in feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Happy gardening!
Tammy Jensen

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winterize your yard and garden!

Brrrr, what is that horrible white stuff on the ground this morning? Too early for that I say! Just in case this is here to stay there is a few things you should do in your garden if you havn't already.

1. Cover your delicate perrennials and plants with some Peat Moss or Beat's Peat(a more enviromentally friendly version - my favorite!)

2. After you have raked up all those soggy leaves cut the grass nice and low for winter

3. Topdress and seed any trouble spots in your lawn. Or do it the easy way like I plan on doing! Just sprinkle EZ Seed all over! NO SOIL REQUIRED!

4. Lightly spray the entire lawn with Plantskydd. This will prevent those nasty little voles from wrecking your lawn this winter! Do not forget to spray the base of trees as well. They will crawl under the snow and nibble away at that Aspen that blocks your neighbours deck so well. If they chew a complete circle you may have to come and see me for a new Aspen next year!!

5. Apply Skoot to all your shrubs and trees. This will stop deer, and rabbits from eating the bark over the winter. Spray up as high as they will be able to reach once we have snow 3 feet high! I see more trees in the spring killed from deer, rabbit and vole damage than anythng else. Don't let your trees be victims this winter!

6. Wrap your new pyramid cedars in burlap. DO NOT let the burlap touch the cedar. Put stakes around the cedar, then attach the burlap to the stakes. Make sure to give the cedars a good drink of water before freezeup. If it gets warm again, you will need to keep watering them at least once a week. So do not put your hose away yet.

If you have any more questions that I have not covered today, just drop by or give us a call (204)488-5042.


Tammy Jensen


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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

How Often do I water my plants? by Tammy Jensen

Wow it is October 5th and it is going to be 28 above. Whatever are the poor plants thinking? I know my oaks are dropping leaves everywhere! When I went and sat on my deck last night, it felt like a July night - but the crunching of leaves took the illusion away.

A common question we are getting at the Garden Center now is - How often do I water my plants?

There is not a easy generic answer to this! Each and every yard is different. Many factors play into moisture conditions. Drainage, quality of soil, amount of shade in the yard, and type of plants you grow to name a few.

You need to water long enough to allow moisture to reach the entire plant rooting area. Do not over water and drench the area. Once the soil on the surface is dry to the touch it is time to water again. Typically in October this may be once a week. THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL YEAR!! Some plants in hot dry locations may dry out daily in this heat. Others in some dark shady areas may be good for a week. So unfortunately to properly water your yard you really need to get out and evaluate the moisture needs of the different locations in your yard. I have one corner I water once a week in this heat, but my annual pots, summerwine ninebark, and twist and shout hydrangea have needed daily water. You also need to continue watering right up to freezeup. So do not put your hoses away yet!

This heat has also caused alot of stress and damage to plants and trees. I have been recommending applying Myke to the root area of suffering plants and trees. It a natural product that increases root growth. It also increases absortion of moisture and nutrients! If you have a stronger root system you will have a stronger and healthier plant. Do not pull out those plants that look stressed, give their roots a treat and wait to see what happens in the spring. You might be amazed at the transformation. I say never give up it if it looks a little rough above ground - all the hard work goes on under ground where you do not see!
If you plant some tulips throw a little Myke in the hole as well. Tulips establish their roots in the fall before the ground freezes. I put in a tablespoon of Myke and a tablespoon of bone meal with each bulb. The Myke helps establish roots, and the bone meal is a time release fertilizer. Oh and if you have some crazy squirrells who like to dig up your bulbs. You can soak them in plantskydd before you plant, or sprinkle blood meal around the area. The blood meal is not as effective as theplantsykdd. I have several large Oak trees in my yard that are homes to many squirrells. For this reason I use both!!
Well time to get ready to head out to the garden center! I think I will have to bring home one of our new leaf bagging products home to try. I had to wade through leaves to get to my deck chairs!

Happy Gardening!
Tammy Jensen

ps- if you missed my information sheet on fall yard care - here it is!

Mr Kurt Jensen - owner of Jensen Nursery and Landscaping - enjoying a hot summer night!
Mr Kurt Jensen - enjoying the American Cedars in my yard!!
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