Gardening Products

We carry a large selection of garden, yard and lawn care products. We are here to help advise you which products are best for your gardening needs. The following is a list of some of the products we carry.

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Myke Products

Myke Tree and Shrub

Myke Evergreen Food - OMNI Certified

Miracle Gro Fertililizers

All Purpose                                                                       

Ultra Bloom                                                                                                                                             Shake and Feed - Tomato, All Purpose & Flowers       


Assorted Fertlliizers




Tomato & Vegetable                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Bio Fish  

Fish Bloom                                                                                                           

Hanging Basket                                                                                                   

House Plant & Tropicals                                                                                                      

Buds n Bloom

Starter Food                                                                                                        

Soil Acidifier                                                                                                    Humic                                                                                                             

Compost Activator                                                                                         Kelp                                                                                                                    Gypsum                                                                                                               

Bone Meal

Blood Meal

Dolomite Lime

Compost Tea Bags

Iron Chelate

Cacti & Succulent Fertilizer

Sulphate of Potash


Shop Orgunique Fertilizers                                                                                              


Bordeau Copper

Garden Sulphur

Tomato & Vegetable Disease

Rose & Flower Disease

Garden Fungicide

Defender RTU

3 in1 Spray

Bulb & Soil Dust

Rose & Flower Dust

Dormant Oil Kit


Bug B Gone Eco Sense Concentrate                                                             

Bug B Gone & Safer's Insecticidal Soap                                               

Earwig Killer                                                                                                        Ambush                                                                                                              

Malathion Concentrate                                                                                

Fruit Gaurd                                                                                                          

End All II                                                                                                        

Slug and Snail Bait                                                                                         

Ant Killer Spray                                                                                                   

Ant Out                                                                                                         

BTK - Safers

Trounce Insecticide

Safer's Spidermite

Eco Way Bug Killer Dust

Wasp Killer Spray

Wasp Traps

Herbicides - Round Up, Killex & Chickweed Killer
(see front desk for purchase information)
Deer, Rabbit & Animal Deterents

Plantskydd Concentrate & RTU                                                                 Skoot                                                                                                                     

Bobbex RTU

Animal Repellent

No Bite

Lawn Products

Grass Seed - assorted Bulk Varieties

Scott's Turf Builder Fertilizer 30-0-3

Organique Lawn & Evergreen Fertilizer

Winter Care Pro Fertilizer 32-0-10


Dog Spot Patch

EZ Seed

Weed B Gone

Asst Products



Tanglefoot Paste                                                                                            

Tree Pruning Paste & Spray 

Stump Remover

Tree Wraps


Wilt Pruf                                                                                                         

Doktor Doom Residual Spray                                                                     

Doktor Doom Mosquito Spray                                                                      

Watkins D15 Mosquito Spray                                                                       

Mosquito Less Natural Garlic Spray                                                         

Tree & Shrub Fertilzer Stakes                                                                                               

Evergreen Fertilizer Stakes                                                                        

Fruit Tree Fertilizer Stakes

Soil Moist

Soil Test Kit