Monday, September 14, 2020

Fall Gardening Tips and Tricks

Fall is an especially important time for your gardens.  It is a great time to make changes and take a few steps that will ensure your garden looks great next spring.  Throughout September and October, the soil’s temperature is still warm enough that transplanted and newly planted plants can still establish themselves.  
It is a great time to add some more color to your garden or containers.  Annual Fall Chrysanthemums are an excellent way to add some color to those annual areas that are looking tired.
Now is the time to relocate plants that are in the wrong spot.  If that perennial is hidden in the back behind everything else, move it up front where it can be seen.  Are your Hostas in too much sun? Or a rose bush in too much shade?  Now is the time to move them.  When transplanting plants, it is a great idea to apply Myke Root Supplement around the roots.  This will give them an extra boost.
Perennials should be divided when they are overgrown.  Dividing a perennial when it is not doing well will result in poor establishment.  Some perennials will start to die out in the center of the mass.  This is a sure sign it is time to divide.  This is quite common among grasses, irises and sedum.  Most perennials can be divided in fall or spring. As a rule of thumb divide spring and early summer flowering varieties in the fall and fall flowering varieties in the spring.  If you are willing to sacrifice some blooms you can divide most fall flowering varieties now.
 The following is a brief outline of how to divide your perennials.
* Dig out the perennial in question using a spade, at the plant’s drip line - where the leaves end.
* Clean off the larger chunks of soil, looking for insects and signs of disease.
* Using a sharp knife (an old steak knife works great) cut the perennials into several divisions.  Each new plant should contain two to four eyes (new buds).  
  This will give you a nice size plant in the spring.
* Now replant the new sections.  Adding some organic matter such as peat moss and manure around the new plants is an excellent idea, as well as using Myke
Root Supplement
* Water the plants thoroughly once planted.
Fall is an excellent time to plant new shrubs, trees and perennials.  The temperatures are not as extreme as they are in the summer months.  This will allow for less transplant shock.  Again, using Myke's Root Supplement is very beneficial with new plantings.  
September and October are the best months to clean up the shrub beds and add amendments to the soil.  This will help get them ready for spring.  Keeping shrub beds and gardens free of weeds will limit the number of seeds and roots that will over winter and start growing next spring.  Also having a clean shrub beds and gardens will reduce the number of pests and diseases that will over winter. 
In late October it is essential to mulch your perennials and shrubs.  This will help them over winter.  We suggest the use of GARDEN STRAW.  This comes as a clean, weed, pest and disease-free product.  It will help protect those tender perennials as well as keep moisture in the ground.  
It is also essential to protect your plant from wildlife.  Bunnies, deer and mice love to feed on your shrubs and trees over winter.  This can severely damage or even kill some plants.  For example, an apple tree that has been chewed around the trunk will not regrow in the spring.  One of the best methods of protecting your trees and shrubs is to apply SKOOT in late fall. (available in October)  This is a repellent that will repel deer and rabbits.  Skoot can be applied to trees, shrubs, and evergreens.  Remember to spray high enough to account for the winter’s snow fall.  As an extra measure using one or two tree guards around a tree’s trunk is also recommended. 
Finally, remember to clean out your annual containers in late fall to remove some of the soil, to prepare for a winter arrangement.  This will allow you to place a winter arrangement insert into the pot.   In early November we switch out our front door décor to winter arrangements.   Removing approximately 15” soil from the pot easily allows you to place an insert into the pot.  Using an insert allows you to make your arrangement in the comfort of your house or pick up one of our custom-made pots.
Best Wishes & Happy Fall
Susan Jensen Stubbe
Jensen Nursery and Garden Center.
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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Hottest Gardening Trend in 2020!

The hottest gardening trend this season is growing your own food. Fruit trees and shrubs that are container grown can be planted throughout the season. They do need to be monitored for water though. So only plant in the summer months if someone is available to check on them daily. They may only need water weekly, biweekly or daily depending on the weather conditions. Once the soil is completely dry to the touch they need watering. Over watering can be even more harmful than not enough water. If the soil is still damp to the touch, they do not need to be watered. 

Cherry Trees - 
Carmine Jewel, Romeo, Juliet and Cupid Sour - $59.99
Nanking Cherry Shrub - $29.99
Convoy Cherry Plum Shrub - $29.99
Apple Trees -
Goodland, Odyssey, Norkent, Collet and Norland - $79.99
Plum Trees - Pembina Plum - $89.99
Grape Vines - Blue Ice, Beta and Minnesota #78
Honeyberry - $19.99
Strawberry Albion everbearing - $1.99
Asparagus - $5.99
Gooseberry - 5g Thornson $29.99 NO WARRANTY SALE $19.99
Need more information?
Go to our Plant Search Engine - HERE
Type in the name of the plant - 
You can also search by category - EDIBLE PLANTS
If you need any more information or help, just drop by, call (204)488-5042 or email [email protected]
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Sunday, June 14, 2020

June Hours

 Extended June Hours
Monday to Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 10-4
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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Covid - 19 Update

 We are missing everyone's visits. To be as safe as possible we have a small crew keeping things going. We miss all of our staff, friends and customers who make our business  what it is. Our thoughts are with you all throughout this difficult time. If we can help make it easier with a pack of seeds, a beautiful plant, a friendly word or two - our day is made.
We are happy to let you know we can continue filling your orders.


Phone - (204)488-5042
Email order or wish list to -
For shrub and tree orders email Susan at [email protected]t
Facebook - Fun Page - Jensen Nursery     (there might be more cat pictures)
Online Store -
We are using all health and safety measures when we pack your order.
FREE DELIVERY: on orders over $75. Orders under $75 - $5 fee. This includes Winnipeg and close surrounding areas.
We let you know when we arrive and leave your package on your front step. Then we wait to make sure you retrieve your package.
Social distancing is required for the safety of all.
FREE PARKING LOT PICKUP: Monday to Saturday 10-4
Pull up into one of the numbered stalls and call the number on the sign. Open your back seat or trunk. We will come out and load up your order. We ask that you close the door or trunk after. We ask that you remain in the car while we load your order.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Home Delivery Service Updates

We are temporarily reducing our Delivery fee in Winnipeg and close surrounding areas.
For small orders under $75 the delivery fee is now only $5.
For orders over $75 the delivery is FREE.
We will be adding more items daily to our online store. But feel free to call the shop (204)488-5042 and we can take an order over the phone for delivery.
Orders can be paid online, or by credit card.
We will arrange:
no - contact deliveries using texts or phone calls to confirm we have arrived.
Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.
At this point we are still open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM.
Thank you to all of our valued customers.
The staff and management at Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
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