Friday, April 08, 2011

Chuck Manigione and the Greenhouse by Jen

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I am truly hopeful and optimistic that winter is over. In the car last night, driving my daughter to her piano lesson, we decided to listen to "Chuck" (Mangione). He had been introduced to my kids as a way of remembering my high school days.

It was a beautiful evening, still sunny, and we had the sun roof open. "Feel So Good" came on. It starts slow, like the music is just waking up. Now I start thinking about spring, warm sunshine and gardening. Nature is returning to all her glory. It's amazing how music can make connections.

Listen and see what it makes you think of. And....come by and visit us on Saturday. We have seminars and coffee. Stroll around the greenhouse. I will be there watering the flowers.

Jen Click on this link to hear Chuck Manigione - Feel So Good!
Jen at Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
Posted by Tammy Jensen at 12:00 AM