Gift Store

Our gift store is filled with unique gardening decor, birdhouses, hand crafted items, photo cards, jewelry, and gift ware for all occasions. Watch for new and exciting gift ware items throughout the year! Let us help you create a beautiful indoor or outdoor living space. Our gift ware adds character and charm to any garden or home. We also offer great prices on all our gift ware! A selection of our gift ware can be viewed on our Online Store.  More details - Gift Store

Yard Care & Pest Control

Jensen Nursery carries a complete selection of garden products. Miracle Grow Fertilizers, Killex, Roundup, Myke Products, Organic Fertilizers, Gardening Products, Grass Seed, Slug Bait, Ant Killer , Wasp Killer, Tree Paste, Pruning Paint, Mosquito Dunks, Doktor Doom, Malathion, Dormant Oil Kits, Watkins Mosquito Spray, Garlic Oil for Mosquitos, Grub Out, Fungicides, Insecticides for indoor and outdoor use, Grass Fertilizers, Plantskydd, Skoot, and many more products.

Landscaping Supplies

At Jensen Nursery and Garden Centre we have all the supplies you need to landscape your yard. Whether you are a residential or commercial landscaper, or a do-it- yourselfer we have everything you need to make your project a successful one. Stop in for all your gardening supplies. We are here to help you with friendly expert advice. Great prices and knowledgable staff will make your visit a positive one!
More information on LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES.


We have a huge selection of high quality shrubs, trees, evergreens and perennials available at affordable prices. We offer a one or five year warranty on most shrubs, evergreens and trees. We offer a one year warranty on all perennials. We also have a huge selection of vegetables, annuals, tropical plants, houseplants, hanging baskets and pre made designer containers available for sale in the Spring and early summer season. We offer a selection of services including delivery, planting, and home consultation services. More information on our services is available by following our "Services" link.

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